Enrollment for the "Website Marketing Workshop" is Opening August 2017

ChristinaHills-captioned-circle-head-shot-150pxDo you already have a WordPress website? Are you ready to learn how to turn that site into a money making machine, all by yourself? Then Website Marketing Workshop Program is just what you need. In this program, you will learn various ways to utilize your WordPress website to start attracting more new clients without having to hire a web techie, a social media manager, or a copywriter. 

Look at this flow chart to help you assess if this program is right for you


This is an intermediate level program that is great for:

  • People who have been through the Website Creation Workshop with Christina Hills; or
  • People with a site and the foundational knowledge of WordPress, wanting to learn more and to improve the marketing of their WordPress website.

This Course will cover: Integrating Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Selling products and Services from Your Website, Booking Client Consultations from your site, and refreshing and renewing your website!

This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic, Inc. or the WordPress ® Open Source project. The Website Creation Workshop is a training program dedicated to teaching people how to use WordPress®.

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