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Meet Your WordPress Transformation Teacher!

Christina Hills is an expert in simple solutions for WordPress websites and is the creator of the long running Website Creation Workshop Program for non-technical business owners.

Since 2008, Christina has helped more than 2,000 independent experts and professionals create their own websites in WordPress.

She is a 12 year online marketing veteran and a former special effects movie animator, with film credits from George Lucas for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET. She is also a wife and mother and lives with her family in San Diego, California.

“I’m so excited! My website is truly Transformed! My website is no longer just a cyber office. It’s all SEO optimized and cleaned up. I have my opt-in gift for those who enter their email. I have the Mail Chimp email system set up with the double opt in and welcome page with offers. I have sent out group mailings called Campaigns. I have a calendar online where potential clients can schedule their free consult. I also have my biz Facebook page connected to my site and started to blog. All that jump started my list building. Just after setting it all up, someone I don’t know at all visited my Facebook Page, saw my shared blog post, clicked sign up and entered their email from my website contact page, and their name landed on my Mail Chimp list. Since that time (only 2 months) I’ve run two ads and brought in a number of great prospects that have accepted my help. Future plans include an online group program with online registration and payments, which I now know how to do. Here’s to Christina’s Website Marketing Workshop!!!! One of the best business investments I’ve made in two years and second only to the Website Creation Workshop. Kudos Christina! Can’t thank you enough! I know I couldn’t have done any of this without you! “
Ellen Wanamaker

Divorce Settlement Specialist

“Christina Hills has a natural talent for teaching, and is able to teach very effectively even with the built-in restrictions of the online world. On the live webinars, she uses a hands-on approach to teaching, using either her own website or one of the students’ site. She asks for a lot of feedback from students as she teaches, and often asks (and then answers) the question, “Where am I and what am I doing?”, just to make sure we’re all staying with her. I’m a leadership and team building instructor and coach myself, and Christina is clearly among the best instructors I’ve ever encountered. The Website Creation Workshop, the Website Marketing Workshop, and the WCW Club, have combined been one of the best learning experiences of my career. My website is several orders of magnitude better than ever, at a fraction of the cost of my former professional website designer. I heartily recommend Christina without reservation!”

Larry Brower

Leadership and Team Building Instructor and Coach

“Christina breaks down complex processes into easy to follow steps and as an instructor she puts extra effort and energy into all of the live calls. The Website Transformation Course goes above and beyond what it promises, plus it delivers a whole lot more. I can’t thank you enough. Wonderful!”

Riima Pruitt

Graphic Designer

“Christina Hills has been my go-to mentor for building my own website since 2012. Her trainings have empowered me to maintain control over my own website, which has been crucial to updating my website in a timely, affordable manner. When I was ready for my business to expand and take advantage of the modern and very real need to have social media, email marketing, SEO, and appointment tools better organized and managed on my website, I took Christina’s Website Marketing Workshop. In fact, I’d been asking her for a course like this! The result for me has been a complete website makeover that I’m really proud of and very excited to unveil. Many of my friends and colleagues have bought into expensive funnel templates or prefabricated websites and experience a lot of frustrations considering the cost. On the other hand, I’ve learned how to take control of every aspect of my website because of Christina. I would not have been able to pull this off without being a part of the Website Creation Workshop AND the follow up course: the Website Marketing Workshop. I’m so happy with what I’ve learned that I’m retaking her updated course to stay on top of my business as it continues to grow.”

Sally Stone

Author and Health Coach

“Infinite gratitude for your patience, clarity, wisdom and practicality that you display in your courses. It gives me the confidence to do things that otherwise I would not do. Knowing I have the backup of an expert teacher, like you, makes all the difference and has helped me to loose the apprehension I had for all the technological stuff. I discovered that what I said to myself “I am not technically minded” is not true at all and makes me trust in my skills to progress with my website “holding” your hand. Thank You!”
Adriana Colotti Comel


“My experience with Christina started in 2009, when I signed up for the first (I think) of the Website Creation Workshops; and I have continued to enlist in her courses ever since because of the excellence of her instruction and her ability to ensure that her students LEARN! There are many facets to this ability of hers, but the one I am most impressed with is her ability to ensure that her students learn the material she is trying to teach. Christina knows her stuff! But even more important she knows the difference between the essential fact and the trivialities. I feel very blessed that I have experienced Christina’s teaching, and have been able to profit from it! ”

Bill Blake

Author, Coach and Consultant

“I have taken two of Christina Hills courses and I have built two websites. One for my husbands silk screening business and another for my own coaching business. I have found her courses to be logical, thoughtful, creative and easy to follow. I’m an educator at heart and the curriculum is fantastic. I think sometimes we all sign up for online courses, and we don’t always complete it or get what it is that we’re looking for. I absolutely received what I’m looking for from her courses. Christina goes above and beyond to make sure that you received what it is that you need for whatever your situation, and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you.”

Lynn Hardin


“As a small business owner responsible for several websites besides my own, the Website Marketing Workshop gave me the next step up I needed to more efficiently secure and manage those sites. As a creative professional, the more in-depth training on search engine optimization, social media, and selling online gave me the confidence to take my own business to the next level along with improving sites for my clients. Better yet, I’m now able to get my website work done so much more quickly and I have far more time to pursue my creative work. Thank you!”

Kari Kilgore

Author and Publisher

“What makes Christina Hills’ programs so valuable is because of the way that they are built, organized, sequenced and made available 24 hours a day. One huge advantage that Christina Hills’ has over a lot of other people that offer similar online learning programs is that she is an excellent teacher. Not only is the course work excellent, but Christina is also very generous with her time, resources and insight. Some providers of online learning create canned programs that they then record and sell these as a learning experience. The people I am talking about give very little of their personal time and often respond to questions only by email. As a result these other programs lose the human connection that Christina provides consistently.”

Jimm Hughey

The Class is Closed. Contact Us for Any Openings

If the above button does not work for you, please contact us for any openings at

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